Download P90X freeIf you want to download P90X for free, go to the Beachbody store.

If you can’t tell by now, P90X is not free, it costs 120 dollars, but it is well worth it. Trying to Download P90X free is a waste of your time and I will tell you why.

1 – You can potentially mess up your whole computer because you may download a virus.

2 – The P90X program is 13 DVDs worth of data, do you have any idea how long it would take to download all of that? At over 50 gigabites, your computer may not be able to hold that much information. It will also slow your computer down quite a bit, if you have an extra 50 gigs laying around. About a week and a half. If you ordered it, you could have the whole program in a week.

3 – When doing the program, you will also need the nutritional guide and exercise guide/workbook to get good results using P90X. These don’t come with the DVDs you may possibly be able to download off of the internet. The diet is tough, but it is a crucial piece to the P90X puzzle. You need this to succeed with the program. When you actually order the whole program for 120 dollars, you get the 13 DVDs, the exercise workbook (to record your workouts), and the nutritional plan.

4 – You also need a pull up bar and resistance bands (or dumb bells) to do the program, and last time I checked, you cannot download a pull-up bar! It is a better value to get a P90X package with all of this equipment included.

5 – When you download P90X, you will need to convert the files and you will need a special DVD burner. Most normal computers don’t have this feature. The DVDs are copyrighted so it is illegal, which I know a lot of people don’t care, but Beachbody makes it so you cannot easily burn the DVDs because it has some type of file encryption to prevent DVD pirating. So if you spend the week and a half downloading it and you are lucky enough to “download p90x” for free and you don’t get any viruses, you will have to make sure it is the correct format, convert it, and then buy a special DVD burner + the DVDs. A lot of unnecessary work.

6 – I know people who have successfully downloaded p90x for free and guess what? They never end up using it. Why? Because they didn’t put anything of theirs into it. They didn’t invest their own money. If you invest your own money in a product, you will be more likely to get what you put into it back out. You will commit to the program because you have spent money on it. When you get something for free, it will just sit there and not get used.

The fact of the matter is that P90X is only sold through 1 company and is always going to be 120 dollars. If you find it for somewhere cheaper, beware. There are lots of fake copies/gimmicks of this program floating around the internet and you will only waste your money if you pursue this method. I have heard of quite a few people getting the program from ebay or craigslist and the copy was bogus or they never received it in the mail.

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